The security of our services and your data is very important to us. We take a range of measures to secure our services and your data. Those measures include the following:

  • This website and its services use SSL/TLS certificates, resulting in site visitors connecting to the site with HTTPS, a secure protocol for exchanging information on the Internet. The certificates add a layer of secure encryption to the website, so any information users submit is encrypted.
  • When you purchase access to a particular area of the site, we do not collect or obtain a copy of your credit card details. They are collected and securely stored by our payment processor, Stripe.
  • Access to the backend/administrative area of the website by authorised administrators requires two factor authentication.
  • We host our website with WPEngine, a leading hosting provider with solid security controls. At our request, WPEngine hosts this website on the Amazon Web Services platform in Sydney, Australia.
  • The service we use for our contract builders has a range of security controls in place, sufficient to meet the requirements of law firms, government organisations and courts across the world.
  • Our website runs a range of security controls, including an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that consume the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses needed to keep the website safe.
  • When you build a contract or other document with our contract builders, we do not retain a local copy of the document you have downloaded. The data you enter into the online form to produce your document is retained in a separate online service but only for a limited period. All such form data is deleted every week (or more quickly if you request).